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Do you have an old truck that is simply lying around and being of no use to you or anyone else? Even if you want to get rid of it, it may not be easy to find a buyer for an old pickup truck. For one thing, commercial trucks tend to be big, heavy vehicles. They are bulky and difficult to store. They use more gas than smaller cars. All of these factors add up to one tough vehicle to sell!

Truck Salvage Needs Your Unwanted Truck!

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We are always in need of more used trucks to sell within the Australia or export overseas. If you are looking to sell your truck then why not save yourself the time and hassle and simply complete our online valuation form, and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less with an offer. Or if you need an instant quote, call 0408 616 667 – (07) 339 39 929.


Need more convincing?

Don’t Trade In!

Get a better price for your used truck from us, and drive down the price of your next truck purchase. As a cash-buyer you will ultimately get a better deal on your new truck.

We don’t buy from traders. In fact we underwrite for all the main agents, so by cutting out the middle men we can afford to give you our best prices.

We will buy your…

  • Used truck from 1982 to 2015
  • Tractor units and any 6×2, 6×4 or 8×4 tipper vehicles
  • Either right-hand drive or left-hand drive vehicles
  • All sort of trucks including commercial vehicles

Why Truck Buyers Brisbane is your Best Option?

There is another reason many people have trouble selling commercial trucks. While they may be useful vehicles, and you may even find someone who wants the truck, finding someone who can pay cash may be a problem. Many people who are in the market do not pay cash for trucks; in fact, when buying used cars, they are likely to visit a dealership with on-the-lot financing. Vehicle sales locations that offer on-the-spot financing have grown in popularity in the past few years, and many buyers know they do not need to make a cash offer to secure a used vehicle. Therefore, some buyers will want to buy the truck for next to nothing or will want you, the seller, to finance the sale. The problem with that is that you do not know if you will ever get your money!

Top prices paid for all makes of trucks, and trailers

Truck wreckers Brisbane are one of the Australia’s leading buyers of used commercial vehicles and trailers.  We offer no obligation valuations of all makes and models of trucks and trailers.  We have the buying power to purchase anything from a single unit to entire fleets.  Selling to us is straightforward, we value, pay and collect all equipment immediateley and pay the very best prices possible for your equipment.

Truck Buyers Brisbane can offer you cash for your old, used or damaged vehicle. No matter what shape your truck is in, we can make you a cash offer and deliver the cash to you the same day. All you have to do is contact Truck Buyers Brisbane and we will make you an offer. If you agree, we will come and pick up your truck at no charge to you, even if we have to provide towing services, and pay you the agreed-upon price in exchange for your vehicle’s title.

Truck Buyers Brisbane


Sell Used Truck

If you need to sell a used truck, call us today and tell us about the model, condition and a few other details, and we’ll be happy to give you the best price, right away…

Cash For Trucks

We don’t care if it’s running or not, we appreciate the chance to offer the most cash possible for your truck.

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